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Ladies Who Rape

I just ended up being a guest of HuffPostLive, an Internet talk reveal that discusses by far the most sensitive topics with elegance and a rational eye. This issue was entitled “whenever Predators tend to be Females” and my personal guy guests happened to be all survivors of female rape.

These guys had been a daring lot of dudes.

They happened to be brave because they talked around against a social misconception that most young men, teens and men like-sex — any sex under any type of circumstance.

In addition they indicated the distress they thought simply because they’d already been trained this myth immediately after which happened to be later emotionally coerced or aggressively broken by a woman.

Often the girl had been a lot older in addition to son a mere teenager who was simply under her attention or under some type of energy vibrant that caused it to be difficult for him to express no.

In other cases it actually was an aggressive girl whom utilized time rape medicines and Viagra as her tools of rape.

In most cases, the guys felt traumatized and, because of the cultural myth, felt helpless to share it or reach for assistance.

Female intimate predators tend to be uncommon, nevertheless numbers are ambiguous because so couple of men and guys report their particular crimes.

Ladies who make use of personal power or chemical weapons to get sex with a guy (or girl) tend to be just as much aggressive attackers as a male rapist.


“the thought of male rape is

not fodder for snickers.”

Thus I would ike to make this clear.

The phrase “no” should-be recognized regardless of the sex of the person. Before any two different people enter a sexual encounter, they need to end up being peers who are able to each offer spoken permission.

The idea of male rape just isn’t fodder for snickers. Truly a life threatening criminal activity.

Together with wounds of physical and psychological injury are only as visceral in a male prey of rape as a female target.

In a few ways, really worse because there are few individuals capable talk to and couple of men obtain the sympathy and therapy they deserve.

My cap goes off to the incredible, evolved men who will be beginning to go to town about very sensitive topic.

Listed here is the link to the HuffPostLive Show: http://on.aol.com/partner/hp-live-segments-517394847/videoId=517555474